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AR/VR/XR is an exciting area of software development, but a rapid expanse in the quality of technology is not enough to make an area a fully-functioning “eco-system” and take over existing platforms. VR is certainly valuable, but the criticality of the technology is what drives innovation, user growth and acceptance. And even critical case uses are not enough – there need ti be built critical apps and platforms which employ AR/VR to do something which absolutely cannot be done otherwise.


Google is reportedly set to release its own line of smart speaker display. Initially, the company was relying on third-party hardware makers such as Lenovo to do the manufacturing of smart displays. However, now it has planned to launch its own smart screen Home devices before the end of this year. Google Home is a AI voice assistant which will now reportedly pose a smart touchscreen display.


According to the following article, Google Firebase has added in-app messaging. Google’s default platform for app developers Firebase since the time it was acquired has expanded greatly its feature set and integrations with Google’s services.


The following article basically talks about Hadoop and also the way in which it is connected with Cloud. Hadoop is basically defined as an open source framework which is used for developing software apps and reliable scalable computing.


Google has announced the 9th version of its portable OS — Android P or Android 'Pie' — and it needs to deal with your "computerized expansion". The ninth version of Google's OS based on AI, includes a comfortable navigation mode, a dedicated bedtime mode, and 157 new emojis. Pie takes after Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, et cetera, and proceeds with Google's outstanding convention of naming Android variants with sweet treats.


The following article basically highlights on the aspect of Google's own two factor security keys. Analyst believe that the two factor authentication keys is one of the ways using which phishing can be stopped.


According to sources, T- mobile is all set to sign a deal worth $3.5 billion with Nokia for 5G technology. This deal will enable T- mobile gain access to Nokia's end to end 5G technology, software and services.


The following article is a list of hacks you can use to increase your chances of getting the job/internship on LinkedIn. If you have listed you LinkedIn profile but still are not getting as many responses as you had expected, the reasons maybe: not knowing how to properly navigate the website or less focus on its capabilities. These hacks were prepared under the guidance of Christine Huber, LinkedIn’s all time expert.


According to CNN, ADHD symptoms is linked with use of digital media among teens. Teenagers are in development phase where their brain is constantly adapting to the outside stimuli and hence there is social media also has an effect on mental health. It's a tell tale sign that a teenager is addicted to the internet if they are constantly dependent upon these devices to get certain rewards.


Apple’s 13 and 15-inch MacBook now have a refreshed hardware which left its users surprised. The updated models will now come with the T2 security chip which was initially launched in 2017 in the iMac Pro provides a secure boot, encrypted storage, live “Hey Siri” commands among other features.

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Participate to win exciting prices worth ‎₹1000 every week