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According to sources, Chinese Smartphone company is all set to launch a new Sub-Brand known as POCO. The main aim of this launch is to boost the profitability. This new brand will be backed by the supply chain, operations and service infrastructure of Xiaomi.


With over 2 billion smartphones out in the world – and the number set to grow exponentially over the years – going mobile is the crux of all business and marketing ventures today. In this day and age of portability, building an app for your business is the absolute first thing you should do; with most well-known and reputed business have gone mobile. People spend an exorbitant amount on their phone browsing various apps (for about 80% of the overall time), and use it for pretty much everything.


HTC, the Taiwan-based consumer electronics company known for its smartphones has decided to exit the Indian market. It has laid off most of its 70-80 member team, except some executives. After stopping local manufacturing a year ago, it is now ending all distribution agreements.


After a $5 billion fine Google by the European Union for bundling its Chrome and other apps with Android, CEO Sundar Pichai, explains how this could mean that phone manufacturers may have to pay for having an Android operating system. This also means that Google would lose revenue that it earns from mobile ads which constitutes more than 50% of its digital ad revenue.


Google’s Phone app can now automatically send calls that it identifies to be spam to the voicemail. The user will not be disturbed by this spam call as the phone won’t ring and there would be no notification of a missed call either. Users can enable this option by going to the ‘Settings’ option in their phone app.


Opera, the web browser company has launched a private beta for a cryptocurrency wallet for its Android app. The wallet will initially support Ethereum and then expand to other crypto coins in the future.


Firefox recently launched an app for iOS called Lockbox which will help to manage all your passwords on iPhones and iPads. If you have a Firefox account, and any saved logins and passwords, you can log into your account using the app and it will show all of them in a list format. The app has a simple user interface and also automatically locks after a certain period of time.


Recent reports reveal that this new feature by IPhone will make it even more difficult for police and hackers to unlock the iPhone. USB port restrictions will cause hindrance for police to easily access your data.


Google Maps is a great navigation tool, but it sometimes fails in forest and other woody areas. It is at times like these that the Land Rover Explore – a phone developed by Land Rover for navigating through naturally unpopulated and secluded areas – comes into use. The phone’s Explore Hub contains various useful tools such as an altimeter, a compass, weather reports etc. The 4000mAh battery can last comfortably for 3-4 days on an end.


Apple is all set to come up with its new software update IOS 12. It is likely to include a new Apple’s Security Code AutoFill feature which could potentially expose users to online banking fraud according to researchers. Some researchers also claim that users not getting involved will potentially lead to possible security vulnerabilities via social engineering attacks.

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Participate to win exciting prices worth ‎₹1000 every week