Uber has laid off 100 of its safety drivers in Pittsburgh who were part of testing team for self driving cars. The company had to suspend testing its self driving cars after a deadly crash on 19th March in Arizona. Although the company is still working on its self driving cars, it has scaled back its operations significantly.


Chinese search engine giant Baidu has entered into an agreement with SoftBank to start a self-driving bus service in Japan. This will the first time that automated vehicles will be exported from China to other countries. Baidu has announced that it has started manufacturing the buses on a large scale, and plans to launch them in several Chinese cities as Beijing, Shenzhen etc.


A recent Wall Street Journal report has highlighted that companies and app developer might have access to your Gmail messages, allowing them to view private details like the recipient’s address, time of delivery and even entire emails. Companies like these monitor data to help modify and improve their machine-learning algorithms, though they’ve relinquished such access owing to the numerous data theft and privacy intrusion scandals rocking the tech world in recent times.


The ransomware attacks from last year are quite memorable and well-documented, with WannaCry, NotPetya and Bad Rabbit hitting computers all over the world. However, ransomware attacks and counts have been dropping steadily, according to reports from network security companies Kaspersky and McAfee. Behind much of the potency of ransomware is the EternalBlue SMB vulnerability which allowed WannaCry, NotPetya and other ransomware attacks to self-perpetuate around networks.


It has been found that you can remember any kind of information better and more accurately if it is done via Virtual reality. According to researchers, people tend to remember better if is presented to them in a virtual environment. Some of the researchers have conducted analyses to understand whether people learn better through virtual environment or traditional computer or tablet.


According to sources, PayPal is all set to continue keeping its focus on India and is expected to hire 600 techies for the same. PayPal is currently looking for techies to work in domains related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Global digital payments company PayPal is all set to hire techies by the end of this year and continues to remain committed with India.


Disney Imagineering is Walt Disney’s Research and Development Incorporation. According to sources, Disney Imagineering is all set to create autonomous robot stunt doubles. It is basically wherein robot acrobats can flip through the air and land every time they do it.


Chinese networking company Huawei has published a letter it is planning to send to the Australian government, testifying against recent national security breach claims. The letter states Huawei as saying “As focus turns to investment in the next generation of telecom technologies in Australia, cybersecurity is a key consideration for Australian policymakers ... many governments have taken up our offers for evaluation of our technology to ensure it abides by its cybersecurity protocols”.


Facebook’s fight against inaccurate articles and hoaxes is far from over, with the tech giant announcing that it is going to employ machine learning to spot and remove hoax and debunked articles that mislead people, that are coped and shared by different accounts. Facebook employees have also stated that algorithms are also being used to predict which pages are most likely to post bad content. The algorithm will be able to check whether the articles display correct information or not.


According to sources, Baidu which is a Chinese multinational technology company has decided to team up with Ford China in order to experience AI and connectivity in terms of driving. The working of these two companies together will make the driving experience more smarter in China.