AI has a Strong Influence on Advertising.
16 days ago |

AI or Artificial intelligence has given a new dimension when it comes to technology. It has proven to be a game changer. AI also seems to have been a great source when it comes to advertising.

Facebook Introduces New AR Tools.
38 days ago |

For its Spark AR Studio, Facebook seems to has come up with new AR tools. The new feature will enable content creator with the ability to add their desired effects while using Facebook and Instagram.

AI has a Big Influence on Social Media.
49 days ago |

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is surely one of the biggest technological advancements. It is proving its importance in every business area. AI is spreading everywhere in leaps and bounds. It is also increasingly been used by social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Adds a New AI-Based Interview Rehearsal Feature.
2 months ago |

LinkedIn has introduced certain learning tools so that you implement and use the same. Recently, the current situation has forced people to stay indoors. Hence, LinkedIn has come with an interview rehearsal tool to help you with improving these skills.

Google Introduces New 'Model Maker' Tool.
2 months ago |

Google is in the process of inventing a new tool that will incorporate machine learning technology. A new tool by the name 'Model Maker' has been introduced for TensorFlow Lite. The new model will lead to a simplified process of adapting and conversion of the TensorFlow Neural Network Model.

Facebook and Plessey enter in a Partnership.
3 months ago |

Facebook recently seems to have joined hands with Plessey. It has partnered with Plessed to bring out its new pair of augmented reality glasses. Plessey is all set to grant Facebook with the license of its AR tech.

How AI could actually Prove to be a Pandemic Savior?
3 months ago |

AI has proven to be a quite helpful for almost any type of business. It has also played a great role when it comes to detecting severe diseases.

How AI has changed the Entire Game of Sales and Marketing.
3 months ago |

AI (Artificial intelligence) and machine learning are regarded tile be the most powerful technological advancements. AI is an aspect that has affected almost every type of business.

AI is Hugely Beneficial for Marketers.
3 months ago |

Artificial Intelligence has bright about a change in the entire digital world. It has made things more comfortable than earlier times. Businesses are seen incorporating AI into their systems.