Google to Show How much a Political Party is spending on its Ads Platform

Just after Facebook's announcement, Google also seems to have tighten the reins on political ads in India. Google is all set to bring an India-specific Political Advertising Transparancy Report and searchable Political Ads Library.

The report introduced by Google is said to go live by the month of March 2019. Also Google has updated its election ads policy for India. It is also set to verify the advertisers before running the ads. The advertiser verification process is all set to begin from the 14th of February 2019.

The reason for this introduction is to combat the malaise of fake news and spread of misinformation through social media. With the transparency report, users will be allowed to view how much a political party spends on an Google advertising.

The Ads library will disclose the number of times the ad has been viewed and how much is the ad cost. Election ads are said to feature a candidate running for political office, a current elected officeholder, or a political party.

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