Jun 09, 2019

Business Intelligence has Gained Prominent Importance in 2019

Business Intelligence is a new popular concept that is trending in enterprises today. Enterprises seems to be focusing on improving their revenues using Business Intelligence.

Detailed below are certain key findings related to Business Intelligence :
  • The primary drivers of Business Intelligence seem to be the four departments including Operations, Executive Management, Finance and Sales. Among these, the operations department is said to influence the most.
  • The top companies that are driving BI adoption include retail and tech companies sales leadership.
  • Some of the BI initiatives undertaken by enterprise today include reporting, dashboards, data integration, advanced visualization, data storytelling, data discovery etc.
  • In order to design applications BI software providers tend to rely on executive- level personas.
  • One of the most popular objective for organisations today seems to be improvement on their revenue through the use of AI.
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