Sep 05, 2018

Data Science War - R vs Python

When we talk about predictive analyticschoosing the right language is the first thing. Though there are plenty of options available, but R and Python are said to be the popular ones. These two languages are available on all major operating systems which include Linux, Microsoft, Windows and Mac OS X.

Some of the factors to consider while choosing between the two include the following:

1. Data Analytics
When we talk about Data analytics R is said to be the number one choice. Because R has an Integrated Development Environment. Python can also be used however the winner here is R.

2. Costs
Both the programming languages are said to be available for free. Talking about code reliability Python is said to be a better choice.

3. Learning How to Use it
If your a beginner, than your obvious choice becomes Python since is considered mainstream and is said to be a better option for amateurs.

4. Resources
You need to keep in mind the resources available at your end and than choose a particular language. It was found while searching for linear regression that there were about 6.48 million results for Python and 77.1 million for R.

5. Drawbacks
  • One of the major flaws or you may say drawback of Python is related to its mobile development.
  • One of the drawbacks of R programming language is that it is quite difficult to learn.

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