Oct 20, 2018

Hey.ai has Launched Personal Analytics Platform

Hey.ai, a Consumer Analytics and Insights Platform, is all set to launch its Personal Analytics Platform. Since the time GDPR has come into force, companies like Facebook and Google have to provide to the European citizens access to the data they store. This regulation has been adopted by many companies.

Keeping this regulation in mind Hey.ai has build an analytics service in order to help users analyze their data. Recently, it has been seen that Apple had introduced Screen Time usage with iOS12 and also Instagram had introduced another feature to enable users to see when they have reached the end of their feed.

Digital health is now becoming a top priority and Hey.ai can be seen taking digital health a step further. Hey.ai had previously co-founded Chatbase at Google's Area120 incubator. Hey.ai is currently seen to support secure, encrypted analytics for English speaking platforms. It is also planning to make money by charging users for premium insights and features on premium only networks.
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