Feb 24, 2019

How can Companies Use Data Analytics to Cut Down on Expenses

Reduction of expenses is said to be a common goal for all the companies. Data Analytics can play a major role over here. There are certain essential ways through which companies can reduce their expenses by implementing data analytics. Some of the essential ways include the following :

  1. 1. Cut Fleet Management Expenses:
    The first thing is to cut down on the fleet management expenses. There are certain applications which inform maintenance needs which can help to cut down costs associated with breakdown.

  2. 2. Lessen instances of Employee Turnover:
    There are numerous expenses connected with employee on boarding. By using analytics before hiring, companies can analyse information which includes the likelihood of aligning with a company’s culture.

  3. 3. Manage and Minimize indirect Costs:
    If the companies plan to cut down the indirect costs, they could save more than 25 percent of overall expenses. Companies can start by investing in IoT products like smart light bulbs, and thermostats.

  4. 4. Shorten Testing Processes:
    Companies usually undertake test before launching a new product or service. With the help of this testing, they can avoid failures if the businesses do not connect with the audience. With the help of analytics, these test can become less time consuming and also less expensive.

  5. 5. Avoid making Customers Upset:
    Companies should try and not make their customers upset. Poor customer service will tend to increase companies expenses.

  6. 6. Monitoring for Cyber Attacks:
    Cyber Attacks deeply affects web functionality, affects consumer trust and leads to decreased employees morale. By implementing data analytics, you can check on the network traffic continually and send notifications regarding suspicious behavior.
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