Dec 27, 2018

How to Stay Afloat and Not Drown In Marketing Data

There seems to be an explosion of different marketing software products in the recent years. The increase in the number of products is good however it can also lead to analysis paralysis. So how do we than stay afloat and not drown in marketing data.

There are certain tips which can help you to stay afloat when it comes to marketing data.

  1. Finding the Tight software: With the help of tools like Cyfe, Domo and Looker you can easily get data from several other software products. With the help of Cyfe you can get data from about 70 different platforms. Monitoring several aspects of marketing is also possible which includes email list growth, social mentions and follower growth, search rankings, website content engagement and also nurture funnel advancement.

  2. Use Agile Project Management: One of the other approach is to use agile project management. When we talk regarding going agile with the use of marketing data it means collecting data for a particular period,making decisions using it , applying those decisions and also testing them.

  3. Track the Right Metrics: The third point is to track the right metrics. When you track your metric it will differ based on your campaigns however you should keep your goals in mind by tracking the right ones. When we talk regarding a blogger traffic is their main useful metric. For an entrepreneur, the metrics include average order value, customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value.

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