Jan 23, 2019

Why it is the Best Time to Opt for a Career in Data Analytics

Seeing the current scenario there are chances that it might be the best time to opt for a career in data analytics. Studies have revealed that revenue from analytics in India has touched around $102.1 million in the year 2018. Currently, data analytics can be seen to be in high demand and it also offers great salaries.

As of now, India can be seen to have around 50,000 vacancies when it comes to data and analytics and it is expected to add around 39,000 more analytics jobs by the year 2020. A career in analytics is at its prime now.

In India, every company ranging from SME's to major corporate are seen shifting towards a consumer-driven approach and are tracking their consumers in order to know what they want.

However, there is still a scarcity in the number of data scientists that emerge from the country. As per research, India currently has less than 10% of data scientists that are available globally.
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