Baidu challenged Google with its Newly Launched AI Translation Tool

An artificial intelligence powered tool was unveiled by Baidu which is responsible for translation of languages. This will pose a great challenge to Google who had last year launched its real time translation tool.

The translation can be done from English into Chinese and German in real time. Baidu's simultaneous translation tool basically allows sentences to be translated almost instantly. With regards to this product it is said to be breakthrough for Baidu who is seen investing heavily in AI since the past few years.

As of now, the tool is only able to translate English to Chinese and vice versa. AI seems to be gaining a lot of importance. It requires huge amounts of data sets to learn. Baidu's AI has been trained on two million pairs of English and Chinese sentences. The tool is also capable of adjusting for latency, which implies that the user can set how much lag is there between the word spoken and its translation.

Baidu is also set to integrate the AI interpreter into its Wi-Fi translator. However, one of the limitation of this tool is that it is unlikely to replace human interpreters.

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