Benefits of Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) powered assistants have not only become an asset in households but they are also indispensable in business enterprises. Businesses often employ virtual sales assistants which are capable of politely interacting with customers like humans 24/7 without getting tired. They are also useful for customers as they can provide the exact information as per each customer's requirement in no time. Thus, virtual sales assistants are more efficient in lead generation and follow up.

The technology behind conversational AI has an engine which understands natural language, which has been developed using computational linguistics, machine learning and deep learning. The data provided to the AI engine consists of human conversation. Thus the AI engine becomes capable of converting conversational inputs into dynamic business conversations. This is how the AI-powered chat bots are created.

Natural language processing (NLP) is why the AI assistant can have a natural human conversation. The four pillars of NLP for interactive AI allow reading, classification, understanding of responses, and the combination of rule-based approaches. The AI can access millions of business conversations through traditional machine learning and deep learning which helps in NLP.

AI-powered conversational assistants are better at lead generation than humans because they are programmed to understand the the intent, sentiment and urgency of the customer. Hence, based on the intent they can answer correctly in the customer's language. Conversational AI has helped business enterprises by increasing productivity and improving customer satisfaction. With conversational AI in full force, the future of business looks exciting.

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