How Voice Assistants are Changing Digital World

Voice Search and Voice Assistants like Alexa and Siri are changing the way people search on the internet. Marketers need to understand that optimizing for a regular search would be different than optimizing for voice search as search engines look for most helpful information that answers the query.

SEO in Times of Voice Search
Any voice assistant will only read out the most relevant answer to the user's query and not the top 10 results. Hence, simply an SEO strategy needs to be developed specifically for voice search. Google's search results have thus transformed over the years. Now, Google shows the most relevant response to the query at the top followed by other links.

Marketers should therefore create such content that naturally answers certain common questions that can arise because Google can find the answer even if its embedded in the larger text. However, what could change the game is the fact that Google is working on becoming more independent in answering queries by relying less on the content of websites. They are working on a system which could provide a summary after analyzing different content.

Marketing for a World without Displays
Voice search makes user's demand more localised content. Hence, it is important for companies to be present on local directories like Yelp. Websites should also store metadata related to specific location in machine-readable form. However, integrating ads onto these platforms is becoming harder for marketers since users find them irritating. Therefore, businesses should consider adding new features to their apps and use it as a customer loyalty tool.

Closing Remarks and Outlook
It will still take time for voice assistants from Google, Apple and Amazon to reach their height of popularity. But it cannot be denied that the usage of voice assistants is growing. Reports suggest that in 2016 alone, 20% of mobile searches were done by voice commands. Hence, the upcoming rise of voice assistants should not be ignored by marketers. They should plan to optimize their content for this new trend.

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