May 28, 2019

Live Examples Of In-House AI Solutions

AI and machine learning seems to be gaining importance over the recent times. Businesses have now started to opt for AI and machine learning. However, businesses seem to be confused as to whether they should buy or actually build AI.

Below detailed are a few popular examples of companies that have already opted for AI and machine learning into their businesses:
  1. 1. LYFT: One of the most highlighting factors of this company is the focus on experimenting AI.  Lyft came up with its chat-like experience that was completely powered by AI and machine learning bots found in the Lyft app. This has enabled the company to better predict the customer questions which will make them offer better resolutions.

  2. 2. UBER: Uber has AI spread both internally and externally into its business. They seem to be the first AI company. Right from setting financial goals for the company to forecasting user supply and demand AI seems to be everywhere in the company.

  3. 3. AIRBNB: The company seems to be focused on building new AI and machine learning tactics for solving everything including personalized real-time search ranking. It has powered its search, discoverabilty and personalization with AI.

  4. 4. LINKEDIN: LinkedIn seems to have taken the power of AI to another level. It has come up with an AI academy for bracing the employees in the areas of engineering, product management, and many more. In other words, employees need to understand how they can integrate AI into their current projects.