Machine Learning and AI is the Hottest Career at Present

The need for artificial intelligence and machine learning experts in organizations is increasing as companies have realised the benefits of this technology. Reports suggest that AI will create 2.3 Million jobs by 2020, further proving that the demand for jobs related to AI and machine learning is high. However, the supply of such expertise is limited as there are very few people who have the experience and talent required to work in this field as there are around 1.4 lakh jobs which are vacant in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics segment across various sectors in India.

It is suffice to say that the right people for these jobs will not only help the organizations succeed but they will also have a great career ahead. AI industry in India is estimated to be worth $180 million presently. In India, out of the total AI professionals only 38% are employed with large companies, there are still lacs of opportunities for talented people. The salary package of AI professionals is also an attractive incentive as almost 27% of them fall earn 10-25 lakhs per annum and almost 5% earn more than 50 lacs per annum. The top companies which have jobs in AI segment are Accenture, Wipro, Adobe, JP Morgan, Amazon, SAP, L&T Infotech, Nvidia, and Intel. Bangalore is the AI hub, as 37% of all AI related jobs are in this city.

AI can bring a fourth industrial revolution given the rapid pace at which it is changing the industry. This will only increasing the demand for skilled experts who can personally benefit from this growing industry. Thus, AI is the hottest career choice presently considering all these favourable factors. Training in this technology will definitely help people to increase their skills and get high paying jobs. UpGrad is one such online platform that provides comprehensive and rigorous programs to help student learn about AI and machine learning. It has trained 300+ students in this field after which they have been able to get an average 36% hike in their salaries.

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