Machine Learning is the Growth Fuel for Google

It was found that in the year 2017 Google has out spent Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook in terms of R&D and the majority being spent on AI and machine learning. CB'S Insight report explored how Google's parent company is relying on AI and machine learning in order to capture new streams of revenue in enterprise cloud computing. Also the report includes some of the following key takeaways:
  • Google requires AI and machine learning driven businesses that lower the Total Acquisition cost in order to offset the rising acquisition cost of their ad and search businesses.
  • Google has also launched two funds which are solely dedicated to AI. These includes Gradient ventures and Google Assistant Investment Program.
  • It was Google's AI that led to the development of Tensor flow which is Google's popular open source machine software library.
  • It has been found on Google's Quarterly Earning calls which signals that senior managers are prioritising AI and Machine Learning as prospective areas of growth fuel.
  • Google's M & A Strategy is seen concentrating on strengthening the cloud business in order to better compete against Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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