Microsoft ML Framework to go Open Source

The Machine Learning framework by Microsoft is also set to go open source. It has recently opened its cross-platform frameworks known as Infer.NET. It is said to be a machine engine which will be used in Office, Xbox, and Azure.

Microsoft’s research Lab in Cambridge was first developed in the year 2004. Infer.NET was first slated to be a research tool and was later used for academic purposes in the year 2008.

With Infer.NET users can incorporate domain knowledge in to their model. The team of Infer.NET is currently looking forward to engage with the open-source community in developing. Infer.NET will be part of ML.NET.

Research papers were published with the help of Infer.NET using a variety of fields. Patent for Humanity was won by Infer.NET in the year 2012 for the purpose of aiding research in epidemiology, asthma, deforestation and genetic causes of disease.

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