Top 10 Industries Disrupted due to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting some industries by offering automation and personalisation. Some industries where AI has caused a massive transformation are:

1. Agriculture
Agricultural task such as crop harvesting are being automated by programming robots to do such routine tasks. AI is also being used to monitor crops and soil and predict their health using deep learning algorithms. The effect of weather changes on crops are being tracked and predicted with the help of AI models.

2. Call Centres
AI softwares are replacing human operators in call centers as they are more efficient in listening and responding. Such softwares not only automate the process but they can also be programmed to solve customer queries and answer politely.

3. Energy & Mining
AI is also used smart electric grids so that they can predict when batteries or other parts will fail. AI implementation can reduce the cost of energy exploration and mining. They can also optimize the flow of electricity across terminals. Reports suggest that AI could save $200 billion dollars in energy and mining sector.

4. Healthcare
Automated bots can be used to assist patients in the hospitals. Robots can be used to perform complex and intricate surgeries. They can also be used to predict the risk of death, diseases or recovery etc using diagnostics. Thus, AI can help to improve human lives by improving the efficiency of the healthcare sector.

5. Intellectual Property
AI and blockchain can be used to protect intellectual property from unauthorized use and reproduction through digital locks. Thus, using AI businesses can protect the different aspects of IP information.

6. IT Service Management
IT service management (ITSM) will be disrupted by AI in three key areas of Point of Entry, automated backend processes and knowledge management. AI will help the industry by efficient organization of information, taking quick decisions and reducing losses.

7. Manufacturing
AI is being used by vehicle manufacturers for automation and optimization of assembly lines so that the process speed can increase. It can also help in decision making in pharma and healthcare sector for quick diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

8. Technical Support
AI-powered voice assistants and chatbots are set to takeover service industry. They can help to answer customer queries, make work schedules, schedule optimization engines, and offer appointment slots.

9. Retail
Retailers are collecting a large amount of customer data through chatbots which interact with the customers. Chatbots can be expected to capture customer reactions during their online experience and provide analytics to the retailer. This will help retailers to provide personalized services to each customer.

10. Transport
The transportation domain uses AI in for self-driving commercial vehicles and cargo transportation. Autonomous vehicles can solve the problems of the current transportation system such as environmental pollution and energy emissions.

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