Top AI and Machine Learning Trends in the Year 2020.

AI and Machine Learning have seen a lot of advancements in the recent years. There are many new advancements that are seen to be a part of the year 2020 too. Companies both globally as well as locally have begun to realize the importance of AI and machine learning. 

Let's have a look at some of the latest trends in 2020 that are related to AI and machine learning :

NLP (Natural Language Processing) - It can be seen that the pre-trained language models of NLP are quite low in cost. Some new techniques in NLP include 'pre-training + fine-tuning'. There also seems to be growing in neural machine translation. 

Conversational AI - A huge growth and advancement is seen in terms of conversational AI. Businesses are now working towards adopting the same. Chatbots are proving to be of great help especially in the areas of customer service, marketing and sales.

Computer Vision - They seem to make successful marks in the areas of banking, retail, healthcare, and many other areas. 

Reinforcement Learning - Reinforcement learning is increasingly seen to be applied in the area of robotics and games. Some new areas found in RL include MARL (Multi-agent reinforcement learning) , off-policy evaluation and off-policy learning and exploration. 

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