Sep 06, 2019

Unique Ways How LOreal Applies AI in its Business

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most latest and trending technological advancements till date. One such company that has continuously shown its dedication towards innovation is L'Oreal. It is one of the top names when it comes to the beauty industry.

L'Oreal is one of the companies that has used AI immensely in its business activities. Here's an overview regarding the same.

  1. 1. L'Oreal launched its incubator lab which was the first one in New Jersey. With the help of incubators its partners with entrepreneurs in order to develop the latest products.

  2. 2. In the year 2015, it came up with its own app so that people can experience how a particular hair cut and makeup looked on their face.

  3. 3. It also came up with Smart Hairbrush that focused on providing recommendations to users regarding what is the best care they need to take for their hair.

  4. 4. L'Oreal also introduced the Facebook Messenger Bot that focused on having more personalized conversations with customers.

  5. 5. L'Oreal is also seen using AI technology in its hiring and recruitment process.

  6. 6. L'Oreal has also partnered with ModiFace which is company that focuses on AI/AR. This acquisition has led to the introduction of a skin diagnostic tool for customers.