Blue Sky Analytics Leverages on AI in its Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seen to be a booming technological advancement. It is an area that every business is trying to implement in their systems. Talking about Blue Sky Analytics, the company is making effective use of technology in their startup business. 

The growth in AI technology seems to be reaching heights. Many people now opine that AI will boost economic growth in the coming years. The purpose of Blue Sky Analytics is to basically make use of AI technology for the purpose of controlling air pollution. 

The company leverages on the aspect of AI and machine learning and has been incepted since the year 2018. The USP of the company is its product 'BreeZo'. The product is ideal for forecasting data on the air quality in an effort towards minimizing the exposure to air pollution. 

Blue Sky Analytics has been making use of AI technology in its product BreeZo. The main aim of the company is to become one of the top geospatial data intelligence firm. 

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