How AI has changed the Entire Game of Sales and Marketing.

AI (Artificial intelligence) and machine learning are regarded tile  be the most powerful technological advancements. AI is an aspect that has affected almost every type of business. 
The role of AI in the area of sales and marketing cannot be ignored. It has resulted in a remarkable improvement when it comes to sales and marketing. Brands have been incorporating AI through the following 3 ways : 
A. Leads - Chatbots that rely wholly on the technology of AI is sonething that has become quite popular. It had emerged to be a popular way of keeping in touch with customers. Chatbots are something that can be available 24 hours a day without the need for any human to be present. 
B. Personalization - Who doesn't loves personalization? Personalization of content has proven to be a great way to enhance customer experience. AI can help in gathering data regarding the customers needs and requirements and help businesses in curating personalized content. 
C. ROI - AI has also created an impact in terms of conversion rates and ROI. AI helps in better understanding of your emails campaigns and in turn will suggest the most appropriate time to send the emails. Moreover if your emails  are personalized it can lead to a greater ROI. 

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