List of Machine Learning Products by Google in Feb 2020

Google was last month has seen to have launched quite a few numbers of products especially when AI comes into the picture. Some of the new products launched in the month of January this year include LaserTagger, Meena and Reformer. 

Google has also introduced a handful of new tools in the month of February 2020. Let's have a look at the new introductions :

a. T5 - Google came up with this tool with the whole idea to provide reconstruction to the NLP tasks wherein both the input and the output would be in the form of text strings. 

b. AutoFlip - Google came with this tool to provide some ease while editing videos. It is a tool is concerned with intelligent video reframing. It is a perfect tool for video editors. 

c. ClearGrasp - This tool is enhanced with signs that can detect 3D data of a transparent object. The tool makes use of the technology of deep learning. 

d. TensorFlow - This is tool is responsible for dealing with the problems related to machine learning. 

e. Diverse Synthetic Medical Image Data - This is a project introduced by Google that focuses on improving the quality of machine learning training data.


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