Sep 13, 2018

5 Deadly Sins in Content Marketing

The following article basically talks about the 5 Deadly Sins related to content marketing. Everyone is said to have good and bad days. The following are the top 5 sins which are related to content marketing.

1. Jargon Overload:
This is one of the common mistakes that is made by novice writers that they fill the content with an overload of jargons, ten dollar words and technical speak. Also if your using too many jargons you should also be aware regarding the fact that your audience are able to understand the jargons.

2. Yawn:
This sin comes into picture if the content you posted tends to bore your audience. If your content is boring it will generate less reads. Less reads in turn would mean low ROI.

3. Ignore your Audience:
While writing content you should be well aware regarding your audience. Some of the questions that should arise when writing the content include What is your targeted audience thinking?, What are they looking for?, How can your product or service help address their need?

4. Blabbermouth McGee:
One of the mistake is to think that the longer your content the more valuable it will be. You should avoid filling in extra words just to avoid space. The following are the factors to be considered while deciding the length of the article : a. Substance b. Format c. Audience d. Frequency

5. What Personality?
The way I write the content is also an important factor. Your article should be such that it should communicate your personality. The connection is said to be quite crucial in building relationships with potential customers and also others in the industry.

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