Mar 11, 2019

5 Tactics for Better Content Marketing

Around 49% of respondents rely on content to research when it comes to making purchase decision. You need to consider having a healthy mix of content marketing tactics which will enable to increase your brand awareness, engage your audience and generate more leads. There are five tactics which can help you to achieve this:

  1. 1. Make Consistency a Priority:
    Apart from creating high quality blog posts, videos, white papers and social content it is also crucial to keep a consistent publishing schedule. This will enable you to have a continuous flow of content in order to keep audiences coming back. It is therefore advisable to consistently publish timely content.

  2. 2. Leverage Subject Matter Experts to Highlight Industry Expertise:
    As a part of your content marketing strategy you need to reach out to SME's or subject matter experts since they are the people with insight and knowledge in your industry. This can include engineers, scientists and other technical professionals. Try to provide the proper time and resources to invite SME's onto podcasts for interviews.

  3. 3. Use Analytics to Test your Content and Messaging:
    Try to use HubSpot, Moz, Google Analytics and pay close attention to your analytics. Keep a tab on which blog posts attract a lot of traffic and also find ways to leverage those posts even more. Try to compare average time spent on each post.

  4. 4. Do not Simply Distribute - Amplify:
    You need to make sure that your broadening the reach of your audience as possible. Apart from distributing your content, you also need to make sure that you amplify your content which is more wide-ranging.You can use a multi-channel and multi-format approach which reaches to as many people as possible.

  5. 5. Identify and Leverage Brand Champions:
    You need to consider to identify and leverage "brand champions" who will be able to share content. This could include customers, or fans who really love your work or also trusted internal employees who believe in your mission.

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