Oct 23, 2018

After 40 years too Email Marketing is still Going Strong

It's been around 40 years since the time email marketing has been into existence and it still seems to go strong. It all started in the year 1978, wherein an employee named Gary Thuerk had sent a promotional email for the company's machines to about 400 users over Arpanet.

It was after that internet and free email started to gain importance.

The Rise of Email Marketing
Over the years it is seen that email marketing has only expanded. Options like Spam filters and the 'Move to Junk' button has eventually helped marketers learn the importance of automation, timeliness and relevance. With countless instant messaging, as well as social media applications and collaboration tools and software easily available online today does email still hold the actual relevance today.

Still Going Strong
Its been 40 years, however, email marketing has only been becoming stronger and stronger day by day. It is still considered to be an essential part responsible for driving traffic and conversions for their business.

Over the years, it is seen that as the economies have continued to grow and as their standard of living has increased the value which is placed on our time increases and people now perceive themselves as becoming busier. Visible improvements in engagement metrics tend to motivate marketers in order to rethink the value of their emails and start incentivizing their customers.