Oct 01, 2018

Appropriate Word Count for a Blog

One of the main aim of the bloggers is that their content should generate huge traffic and should get more comments and shares for the respective blog. So when we start writing a blog, we first need to be sure regarding our audience.

Various bloggers will have different opinion on what is the appropriate length for a Blog Post. Some will be of the opinion that the shorter the blog post the better it is. However, some think that the ideal word count should be somewhere around 700 words and the content should be short and sweet and it should keep the users engaged.

Some are of the opinion that if you post medium blog posts with word count of roughly around 1200 to 1500 words it might be one of the most shared and read blog posts. However, if your main aim is to increase traffic on your blog than it is suggested that the longer the article the better.
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