Sep 05, 2018

By Ignoring Content Strategy you are Missing out on these 3 Benefits

Although, there are many tools for digital marketing if you're not paying attention to your content, you will not be able to have successful campaigns in the long run. Focusing on your content helps you to increase customer engagement in a cost effective manner. These are certain things you're missing out if you're not focusing on content marketing :-

1. Emails that give you 3,800% ROI
Emails can give you high Return on Investment unlike other digital marketing tools. Focus on creating email content that is appealing and useful for your subscribers. Subscribers who like your content will automatically click on your website, blog posts or videos. You can send blog posts, newsletters, welcome messages or surveys to customers. You can send out these types of emails between two and five times per month.

2. Social Media with Substance
Most people, before associating with a brand, look at their social media accounts to gain insights. Hence you should avoid posting irrelevant and duplicated content from other party sites on your social media accounts. You need to engage your audience by creating unique and useful content. You can also reply to the comments on your posts to keep your audience engaged.

3. New and Bigger Audiences with Media Syndication
If you have useful and unique content on your website, other people will be paying you to republish your content, thus making it available to newer audiences. This is known as media syndication. For this, you need to focus on making your content educational rather than promotional. You can outsource this to professional writers if you don't have the right skills yourself.

Content is the key to the success of your digital marketing
While other digital marketing tools like SEO, SEM, etc will increase your ad expense, content marketing is a cost-effective tool to earn the highest ROI.

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