Dec 24, 2018

Content marketing and personalised approach to rule in the upcoming year 2019

2019 is just going to approach in a few days. Seeing the use of mobile devices, the mobile consumption is expected to go up in the coming year. With the consumption of mobile going up, content marketing and personalised approach are all set to rule. The increase in the consumption of mobiles can be attributed to the low data rates which has made internet accessible to the entire nation. 

Seeing the above scenario, brands have now started focusing on personalising their applications for users in order to make it more user-friendly and providing right content. Info Edge had started in the year 2007 as a business analytics division and is focused on the development of more user-friendly mobile applications. Some of its products include,,, quadrangle, and also

Info Edge basically believes in the philosophy of investing in technology and also creating innovative products. It is currently said to enjoy about 76% share in the market of job portal sites via Content marketing is all set to trend in the market in the coming year seeing the devline in the number of desktops and increase in the consumption of mobile. 

It is estimated that about 65 to 70% of the traffic which is present on comes via mobile and on jeevansaathi it is around 85 to 95%. There seems to be a lot of fragmentation in the digital age. It has become a challenge for marketers since social media platforms have made the audience scattered.