Sep 08, 2018

Google Launches Blog Compass for Bloggers

Google has launched an android app, Blog Compass, to provide one-stop service platform for bloggers. It will integrate with blogging platforms such as WordPress, and will help users to monitor visitors, traffic sources, and find new ideas to increase the reach of their blog. The app is available as open beta in India for both English and Hindi language users.

When users log into their blogging accounts, the app will automatically connect to their Google Analytics account. The users can also use Google Trends to see which posts are performing well based on which they can developed new ideas. Google has said that it can also include a news feature based on user's feedback.

Blogs have quickly become a source of income for many people. Platforms like Blog Compass will help new and experienced bloggers to improve their content and manage their blog effectively.

Other Google Initiatives In India
  • Navlekha initiative launched in August 2018 to help authors to publish their content online in several regional languages.
  • In May 2018, the app ‘Neighbourly’ was introduced to help users get local information easily such as garage, plumber or salon nearby.
  • Before that Google introduced its Jobs section for Indian market, which helps users find jobs more easily and efficiently. It was made in collaboration with Aasaanjobs, Freshersworld, Headhonchos, IBM Talent Management Solutions, LinkedIn etc.
  • In January, ‘Google Audiobooks’ was launched for 44 countries including India which contains audiobooks in nine different languages.

Since India is an ever growing market of internet users, India focused initiatives will help Google to increase the usage of its products.

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