Sep 17, 2018

How Email Marketing Benefits Brands

The following are the seven tangible ways in which email marketing will benefit your business.

1. Email Is Not A Fad - It Has Longevity
Though many technologies have been re-invented, the social media networking platform Myspace is responsible for sending and receiving email still remains largely untouched. It is also seen that consumers mostly prefer being communicated via emails than through any other method.

2. Email Is Fast And Cost-Effective - It’s Scalable
Email is said to be one of the cost effective ways when it comes to communication. You can easily use a low cost or free email service that ranges from different providers. Apart from being free, it is also said to be one of the fastest ways for your business to send or receive messages.

3. Email Is Mobile Ready - It’s Accessible
Also you can send or receive emails from anywhere be it your laptop, smartphone to tablets. Mobile friendly emails can be easily created and sent.

4.  Email Seamlessly Integrates - It’s Agile
It is said that you can use email and integrate other elements of business marketing strategy. It is also said to be a great way to consolidate all the content at one place.

5. Segmentation & Targeting Makes Email Marketing Compelling
You need to make sure that your sending the right message to the right audience. You can use various tools like Moosend to ensure the same.

6.   Email Is Personal - It Creates Connections
When we communicate via emails, it creates a sense of personal touch. Right from including name in your subject to ending with signing off, you can make the most of email and convey your personal story.

7. Email Has a Great ROI - It Makes you More Money
Through email you can create a great ROI. On average, for every $1 spent on email marketing you can expect a ROI of about $44.

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