Sep 05, 2018

How Email Verifier Can Improve your Email Hygiene

Through email verifier all your bad email addresses will be removed from your email list. A verifier will eliminate all the invalid email addresses, spam traps, catch-all, disposable, role based and all abuse emails if any from your list.

Benefits of Using an E-mail Verifier
Email Verifier will scan your emails and will filter all the unwanted addresses. Some of the things that email verifier can do include the following:
  • Identifying invalid email formats
  • Locating and correction of misspelled emails
  • Accuracy status of each and every email domain
  • Checking whether the email will bounce or not
  • To report whether the email is active or dormant

How to Choose a Dependable Email Verifier
Marketers currently look for great quality at an affordable price. It is crucial for your email verifier to respect the data privacy and at the same time be GDPR compliant.

Why Email Hygiene Matters
Marketers are increasingly becoming aware regarding their email hygiene. Email hygiene basically helps to determine how many of your consumers are likely to receive the blasts. If you choose a good email verifier and allow it to take care of your database there are chances that your sending reputation will improve and also the deliverability will be at its highest.

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