Aug 31, 2018

How to Get Out of a Content Marketing Rut

The following article basically talks about how you can get out of a content marketing rut. By now everyone knows the importance of content marketing. When you experiment a writer's block it becomes detrimental to your campaign.Also consumers financial desicions are based on the content posted.

Content Marketing Inspiration: Pay Attention to Those You Follow

One of the ways in order to avoid content marketing rut is to pay attention to fellow content marketers. When we look at other content marketers work it gives us inspiration and also helps to generate new ideas regarding approaching social media posts, memes and more. 

Also when we post vlogs as well as social media content we need to post a variety of content. Apart from following great bloggers you also need to understand that you must think a little bit outside of the box. 

Content Marketing Inspiration : Watch TV 

Watching TV will also provide you with inspiration and ideas regarding your content. When we watch shows it also provides us with some kind of lesson which we take after watching shows. 

3 lesson which we can learn from social media reruns inlcude:

1. Revisit Old Favourites - Just like the way we revisit or rewatch our favourite episode of a particular TV show, in the same way we can look at the content which we posted that got the maximum likes and comments. From the old content, you can read that again and just post the same after refreshing a bit. Changing of content is also a crucial part of your social media marketing strategy. 

2.Get Ideas - You can also watch shows and get sparkling ideas regarding your content. These ideas can be used to create blog content and social media posts.

3. Stay relevant - The year of the show does not matter since the content and messages remain as fresh as ever. You should always keep in mind that the content you post needs to be useful. 


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