Oct 11, 2018

How to Set Up an Effective Guest Blogging Strategy

There are some simple steps which you need to consider while setting up an effective guest blogging strategy. The first and foremost thing is to conduct a lot of research in order to nail down the business idea.

For the next few months, your top priority would be to start building and growing your email list. The following are the five ways through which you can set up an effective guest blogging strategy:

1. Choose one Guest Blogging Goal:
When you start with your blog your first step should be to focus on one objective rather than focusing on several objectives. Your objectives could include any of the following gaining quick visibility, building expert status and email list and also making great connections in your field.

2. Make a list of 20 websites that are good for your brand and also for your guest blogging objective:
You should be able to make a list of websites in less than 1 hour and you should make sure that they are considered to be good for your brand.

3. For every website on your list try to answer the following questions:
You should be able to prepare the following questions like who is your audience, what level of engagement is required on the website, will guest posts be accepted, what are the guidelines for guest blogging and what kind of self-promotion is required in the guest posts published by them.

4. Make a list of great article subjects:
With the help of tools like buzzsumo you need to conduct a research regarding what are the top performing articles on every website.

5. Writing and sending personalised pitches to every website on your list:
When it comes to writing the pitch mail, you should first start by introducing yourself. You should then talk regarding the title and also a few points relating to the main idea for each article.
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