Feb 27, 2019

Most Effective Copywriting Formulas for Email Marketing

There are many marketers out there who tend to use copywriting formulas which are said to be proven structures which enable you to write all your copy faster and also with greater likelihood of success.

Copywriting basically help you to provide a starting point which enable you to organize your message for the most persuasive impact. There are 3 copywriting formulas which are related to email marketing:

  1. 1.F-A-B
    It can seem to be difficult to communicate all the details in an email or two. Apart from explaining your product features you need to try and connect those features with the advantages and benefits which they bring to their customers. The first formula is known as F-A-B which means :
      a.) Feature: implies explaining the elements of the product
      b.) Advantages: highlight features which are unique
      c.) Benefits: showcasing the value of your product.

  2. 2. P-A-S
    This formula includes the following :
       a.) Problem: reveal your audience's issue
       b.) Agitator: reasons to know why problem is a problem
       c.) Solution: solving the audience's issue
    This will work best if your focus is only on the "A" aspect.

  3. 3. A-I-D-A
    This includes the following:
      a.) Attention: involves catching the reader's eye
      b.) Interest: involves stimlulating their interest with a compelling setup
      c.) Desire: involves generating craving for your offering
      d.) Action: involves telling them how to get the thing.
    This is said to be a classic formula when it comes to selling.
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