Mar 23, 2020

How Content Marketing KPIs Play a Key Role.

Content Marketing now seems to have a strong presence in the majority of all online businesses. Brands have started to invest a large part of their funds into content marketing. Two major reasons for this due to the low cost involved and the higher returns that it generates. 

However, in order to see whether your making success or not you need to keep a track regarding how your content marketing campaigns are performing. Below is a list of some of the popular KPI's (Key Performing Indicators) that can be used to gauge the success of your content marketing campaign :

a. The Views on Article - The most popular and easiest way to understand how your content is performing online. There are various tools in the market that can help in achieving that. 

b. Level of Engagement - Another key performing indicator is how engaging is your post on social media. Having a huge engagement clearly depicts how powerful your impact is on social media. 

c. Followers List - This is another parameter that helps in understanding how your content marketing campaigns are performing. An increasing follower list is a sign of growth. 

d. Number of Comments - Another important aspect is how many comments does your post-receive. In other words, it means the level of audience engagement in your post. 

e. Links - When people mention your links and recommend your brand to other websites that indicates a sign of success. This, in turn, helps in achieving a higher reach. 

f. Click-Through Rate - This aspect is related to generating leads. In order to generate leads, your every post should include a call-to-action. 

g. Per Lead Cost - This is another aspect to measure the success of your marketing campaign.  The formula for this is :

Cost of the campaign X the number of leads generated. 

h. Rate of Conversion - It is important that your content is able to create the spark. It is a good idea to keep track of how many potential customers are coming in. 

i. Sales Cycle - Lastly, it is important to know how much time it takes to convert the leads into potential customers. 

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