Apr 09, 2019

Cover your Webcam with Tape as a Safety Measure

Covering your webcam with tape is a big online security measure for you and even for Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It is said covering your webcam with tape can be highly helpful and can save you from various online security threats.

When Zuckerberg was spotted doing this he was considered to be a psychopath. It was an online security measure by Zuckerberg of covering the webcam with a tape. Hackers basically have the ability to hack into your laptop through a malware when it is connected to the internet.

After that they can spy on you and your every single move which you basically do in front of your laptop's webcam. Also FBI Director James Comey had once said in the year 2016 to apply an opaque tape over the webcam for the purpose of protecting their own privacy.

Hackers basically use RAT files which get attached to a mail, freeware or fishing websites and once a user will access these emails, the malware will get installed on their system which will make their laptop or computer their own personal tool.
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