Jan 22, 2020

Mixed Reactions regarding Google Chrome's Latest Cookie Decision.

Recently, it was seen that Google has decided to end its support for third-party cookies in Chrome. Google has decided to introduce other options for the purpose of targeting ads. 

With this move, Google's main aim is to address privacy concerns as well as personalization of ads. In other words, the ads need to be more useful rather than just a medium of gathering information. 

Following are the opinions of different marketers regarding Google's decision :

Digital Marketing Analyst at Great Clips (Aaron Grote) - The latest move by Google signifies the broader aspect. Even Android seems to be working on making sure that people take control of their personal data. 

Digital Policy Consultant and Author (Kristina Podnar) - He is of the opinion that addressing privacy concerns is the next big thing. Therefore, investing in privacy standardization is a must for all browsers. 

Serial Marketers Founder (David Berkowitz) - He opines that Google is making use of its power position. What is more important is the fact that third-party cookies are getting replaced. 

Search Marketing Manager ( Margie Schneider) - Google's decision is said to give a major impact on digital advertising. 

Simon Poulton (Digital Intelligence, Wpromote) - The move is said to quite helpful for Google in the long run. 
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