Sep 02, 2018

Google is Removing 100 Ads per Second for Policy Violation

Google has been removing 3.2 billion ads a year which violate its policies. These ads are generally created by scammers to lure in customers by posing as fake authorised service agents for companies like Apple. The company is also implementing a verification system to remove such ads from its search engine.

Google is also restricting ads in certain categories which are prone to fake ads such as technical support sector. Customers are often scammed by these misleading ads which promise to provide legitimate services but end up cheating the customer. Google wants to safeguard its customers from such scams. A verification programme can be expected to roll out soon, to verify the legitimacy of these technical support services provided by third parties.

A large portion of Google's revenue comes from advertising hence it becomes important that the company maintains a healthy by protecting users from misleading and fake ads. Google has become more serious about the kind of ads on its platform after scammers were found to use Apple's website on their ads but when clicked on the number in the ad, the user was directed to a call center that was involved in tech-support scams.

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