Sep 20, 2018

How Digital Channels can be Prevented from Cyber Threats

With the increased exposure to the internet comes the issue of threats. So how do we protect the Digital Channels from such Threats?

A Unified Platform for Protecting Digital and Social Channels:
SAAS platform has been specifically developed to enable in the detection of threats to various digital channels that belong to an organisation. This becomes possible through the platforms's extensive channel coverage mobile apps, collaboration networks, app, advanced AI algorithms and machine learning.

Challenges to Keep in Mind:
When it comes to finding solution to reduce the social media risks there is one thing which organisation's need to keep in mind and that includes employee privacy. On the market there are various technologies and monitoring solutions which enable to protect social and digital risks but some tend to be comprehensive while some tend to be ineffective.

Advice for Organisations:
Am advice for organisations include that they can adopt a systematic and decisive approach in order to tackle this issue. 

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