Jul 14, 2019

How to Secure Your New Website

Are you concerned regarding security for your new website? Once you launch a website it seems exciting however it becomes much more challenging later on.

Securing a website is one of the crucial steps that you need to work on. Nowadays increasing exposure to internet has given rise to one of the biggest issue that is hacking.

Detailed below are few steps to enhance the security of your website :

  • Choose a Reliable Host
    Nowadays websites have moved to a third-party provider on terms of hosting their websites. You therefore need to base your trust on a cloud hosting provider.

  • SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate
    If your website contains any user sensitive data than SSL becomes necessary. This certificate is essential and can help to protect private information from getting stolen.

  • Content Delivery Network
    If your eyeing the worldwide audience than it is mandatory to invest in a content delivery network. Make sure to research and find the best CDN providers.

  • Software Firewall
    Firewall is basically used to monitor incoming connections and block any potential threat. Therefore do not forget to invest in a firewall.

  • Backup Policy
    Always have a backup policy in order to prevent any loss of data. Having a server backup will also help in keeping your website secure.
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