Jan 14, 2020

New Rules are Required to be Introduced for Enhanced Safety of Data.

With the immense amount of data that is shared every day it is now time that we derive extra cautiousness while doing the same. Over the past few years,it has been seen that there has been immense loss of data over security issues. Therefore, it is now time that we work towards handling the data in a more secure manner. 

It is, therefore, the need of the hour that the government begins to enforce certain actions in the way the data is controlled and managed. The increasing cases of fake news and the rapid spread of the same are said to be a growing cause of concern. 

Let's have a look at some of the important aspects that seem to be happening :

1. The Big Player - Most of the companies seem to be using data for targeted advertising. They claim that they do this for the purpose of adding value to people's lives. 

2. The Key is Protection - The Government has taken immense steps nowadays to ensure that the privacy of data is maintained. The GDPR is the most popular example of a major step that is taken by the government. 

3. Utilities - These are a great option to be considered if in case you deal with a lot of companies. Utilities help to manage data more effectively.

4. Protocols - During earlier days, there was a vast difference in terms of data sharing. Over the years, there has been advanced changed in terms of protocols related to the internet. 

5. Finally, The Government - It is now seen that the government is working towards controlling data. The Government has now taken more active steps in order to work on the security of data. 

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