Aug 31, 2018

Now Hacking is also Possible by Listening to System Noise

Hackers already have the ability to hijack your webcams like the one provided in your computer. If they have the right malware and also the luck factor than they can easily snap pictures and at the same time record video and audio as well.

People might think that using webcam is a big concern however hackers can also hack your microphone. According to research, it has been found that it is possible to remotely spy on a computer screen by merely listening in with a microphone.

This hacking becomes possible due to something known as coil whine. It is basically a high pitched sound which is produced by electronic components. Research found out that it is possible to listen to coil whine through a well-placed microphone.

However, the probability of the hackers utilizing this technique is less anytime soon. There are various techniques which can be used by hackers to target your computer activities. But you never know when I might give you a sudden attack.

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