Oct 01, 2018

Uber to Pay a Huge Sum over Data Breach

Uber has to pay about $148 million for the reason of data breach. The case was brought to light by about 50 US States against Uber.

What is this all about?
In the year 2016 Uber had suffered a major breach of data. At that time, details of over 57 million users which also included 6,00,000 drivers were stolen. 50 US states brought separate actions against Uber, after this incident became public.

Each of the state seems to seek damages on the basis of the number of Uber drivers it had registered.

What about other countries?
As of now, only US is the country which has issued a formal fine against Uber. Other countries are soon to make their own judgements. It is said that UK ICO is sitting on this case since a long time and its last update was on 29th November 2017.

What does this mean?
Since UK ICO is determined on this case and if in case it does not take any action after this there will be questions asked. Also if this becomes a worldwide issue than chances are that Uber will be hit hard.

Currently, it has around 3 million drivers worldwide. Details of just about 6,00,000 users seems to be lost and those include mainly drivers.
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