Mar 26, 2020

It is now Time to Fight against the Increase in Coronavirus Related Hacking.

The coronavirus pandemic is something that will make a mark in the history of pandemics. It has been creating an havoc since the time it started in China. However, some people will never change no matter what the situation arise. 
In this time of global crisis too hackers have not left any stone unturned to follow their hacking tricks. In view to this, a group of 400 volunteers has been formed that is aim is eradicating any kind of hacking activities relating to coronavirus. The group has been named as 'COVID-19 CTI League'. 
There are many hacks that might arise in terms of medical facilities during the pandemic. Health organizations are the primary concern of this group. There has also been a sudden increase in case of phishing messages. 
Phishing messages is a very popular technique that is used by hackers. 

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