Mar 18, 2020

Tips to Ensure Cyber Securing while Working from Home.

No matter whether you are working online or from home it is extremely crucial to understand the importance of cybersecurity. The current corona-virus pandemic has made people stay indoors. Many organizations have also declared people to work from home. 

It becomes highly risky if you are working on confidential data while working from home. There are certain tips that can help you ensure safety :

1. A secure connection - Make sure that the wi-fi connection you have is secure. Make sure that all your antivirus programs are updated. 

2. Backup - In case if any incident happens, it is advisable that you always have a Plan B in place. In other words, make sure that you invest in backing up your data. 

3. Lock the Screen - Make sure that you lock the screen so that no one gets access to your work. Secure it with a strong password. 

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