Dec 11, 2019

There is a certain Level of Drawback associated with the Latest Privacy Browser.

Privacy of data has become a hot topic these days. There has been a lot of instances happening around the breach of data. The internet is now working more towards security of personal data. Recently, something new has been released by Mozilla and Firefox. 
They have rolled out something new that is known by the name DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH). This new feature is like a protection cover to the things that are browsed online. However, though the new feature is inclined to protect against privacy it runs a high level of risk too. 
There is an increasing hurdle when it comes to privacy leaks. A VPN connection is where your browsing stuff is encrypted. This new feature has one drawback. 
When we try to do a DNS lookup it so happens that the domain names are not encrypted however the other details are. This situation provides access to the information and habits that are being followed by you. 
The latest and new features introduced is said to work on this security issue.