Mar 16, 2020

Google and Apple Remove some of the Popular Adblocking And VPN Apps from their App Store.

Another case of stealing data has come to light. It can be seen that many of the popular adblocking and VPN apps have been actively spying on user data. Data analytics firm Sensor Tower seems to be the culprit behind the same. 
This deadly campaign is targeting both Android and iOS devices. These apps that contain the virus are spread across Google's Play Store as well as Apple's App Store. 
It has come to notice that these apps were actually a part of the Sensor Tower firm. The firm had introduced the app's somewhere in the year 2015. The app's are seen to install a root certificate on devices that install the app. 
Sensor Tower urged users to download the certificate via an external website since Google and Apple restrict the same. Therefore, it is highly recommended to users to go through the user ratings and reviews before heading over to download any such app. 
Apple and Google have removed many such apps that violated the policy guidelines. 

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