May 26, 2019

Deep-Tech Startups Far From The Metros Solve Real India Problems

There seems to be numerous solutions being developed in order to tackle the 'real India' problems. Many new solutions come up from deep-tech startups in Tier II and III cities for tackling the 'real India' problems.

The following is the story of four graduates from MES college namely Vimal Govind MK, Arun George, Nikhil NP and Rashid Bin Abdulla. It all started with a small manhole wherein there were certain people who lost their lives while removing people from the pit.

In order to address this issue, they invented Bandicoot which is a remote-controlled robot which will be going to the manhole wherein it can spread its limbs and will help in removing sewage.

It is sometimes great to see that people from India's small cities are so innovative in bringing these solutions. Most of the start-ups tend to focus on deep-tech solutions to solve problems.

Most of the startups are focused on agriculture, tele-health, education, and financial inclusions. These startups are primarily focused on targeting the root-cause of the 'real India' problems.