Aug 24, 2018

Walmart to introduce VR Shopping to Their Stores

As per a recent patent filing, Walmart is developing VR solutions for e-commerce and retail stores. This is an effort to counter the growing presence of Amazon in the brick and mortar industry. While Amazon is the world's biggest e-tailor, Walmart has the strongest distribution network with 5000 stores in US alone. However, before it can think about dominating e-commerce industry, it needs to bring in digital customers. For the same, Walmart may enhance the customer's shopping experience using VR headsets.

Not only this, it is integrating technologies like cashier-free service to strengthen its position in retail industry. Walmart's acquisition of a VR startup Spatialand Inc., by its tech incubator is a giant step towards its commitment to VR. After the acquisition, Walmart had developed VR experiences and solutions to improving shopping experience.

In late June, Walmart tested an at-home VR shopping experience called 3D Virtual Shopping Tour, through which the user can browse around 70 items naturally through the home decor. Through this the shopper need not need to go to a store, they can use a VR headset and sensory globes at home. It also allows the shopper to get a feel of the item before purchase. The two patents filed by the company describe this VR showroom and a robotic fulfillment system. The robot fulfillment system will grab orders from the warehouse and prepare it before they are shipped to the user who has placed the order. As Amazon tries to strengthen its retail stores, Walmart seems to be focused on strengthening its position in the e-commerce industry.

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